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"It is important to both sexes, but estate planning often affects women more profoundly. Women live longer on average and tend to marry older spouses, making them three times as likely as men to be widowed at 65. So for women, estate planning is a crucial part of retirement planning. And since they usually survive their spouses, women more often have the last word about how much wealth goes to family, charity or the taxman."

This unbiased, professional analysis is based upon years of research.  The author, Joe Dadich, Master of Law in Taxation, was named to Michigan's only Rising Star (as an attorney/CPA under 40) by SuperLawyers(TM). He has
over 10 years of experience working with hundreds of women in optimizing their estate and has saved them millions of dollars in tax and legal fees.

This free report will give you the confidence and guidance you need to plan your estate and avoid potential heartaches and frustration.

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Many of us procrastinate, minimize our personal need or the legal importance of drafting wills, trusts, living wills, and durable powers of attorney.

The complexities of combining and coordinating diverse assets such as individual assets, jointly held assets, retirement plans, life insurance, annuities and business interests seem just too daunting for some.

For others, they do not realize the importance of looking at all of their assets from an overall perspective; namely, when all is said and done who ends up with what.

Is the division of assets fair and equitable to all concerned after the payment of taxes, debts and estate administration costs?

This guide includes the all of the secrets to protect you from people taking your hard-earned assets.

Quality of Life                                    

With 2nd marriages, record divorces, more and more women (whether single, divorced or widowed) need reassurance that once their spouse passes on they will have the means necessary to maintain the same quality of life.

You deserve this, don't you?

Are You a Blended Family?        

If so, the typical will and trust  will NOT get the job done. Examples:

• Now, your spouse has passed on, you two may have kids from previous marriages.
• You both may have assets you have worked hard for during your marriage. You don't want the surviving spouse to squander those assets.
• More often than not, the surviving spouse, may want to get married again. And once married, what happens if their new spouse dies or they are subsequently divorced?

You will have a messy divorce and/or estate with this new husband's  family. And, his family may be entitled to certain assets that were never intended like this.

The New York Times estimates that more than 55% of families have NO emergency estate planning in place.

This FREE guide, which normally sells for $97.00, is available to you free for a limited time right now. You'll learn many of the new things that you need to know -- all the inside secrets -- about estate planning including...

•  Why simply using a joint account for estate planning is a really bad idea. 
•  How to keep toxic debt and mortgages from stealing your kid's inheritance.
• The best way to ensure that your estate plan stays up- to- date throughout your lifetime, even if the law changes, your assets change, or your life circumstances change.
•  The three things you think you know about estate planning that are WRONG.
  How to protect your family and assets if your spouse remarries, and then gets divorced after you pass away.
• The tools to specifically protect your estate from step-kids.
•  With second marriages and record divorces, more and more women (whether single, divorced or widowed) are concerned about maintaining  the same quality of life. Eliminate that worry by following these steps.
•  The three common arguments for contesting a will, and how to make sure your wishes are honored.
  How to make sure you never wind up in probate court. If your estate is probated, you could waste 15% of your estate for attorney fees, wait 2 years for a settlement, and have all of your requests made public. Learn the only bullet-proof way to avoid probate.
•  If you should be become critically ill or be involved in an accident, a health care directive will make decision-making much easier for your family. Learn what is needed in this document.
The 4 items that must be included in any living will.
•   Three mistakes that professional estate lawyers make time and time again. 
•  Seven simple ways to legally protect your children.
• Should you buy life insurance? The answer will surprise you.
• Complete glossary of estate planning terms. Never get confused by your lawyer again.

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"Celebrity" Estate Planning Attorney Reveals HIDDEN Secrets to Prevent Your Debts, Greedy Step-Kids, and the Government from Hijacking Your Assets When You Die!